Used as an insult. This insult will obliterate the opposition. But be warned, for they might use the holy words No u
Person 1: Haha ya fuckin' cunt i'ma bring ya tah da glue factoray I swear tah god.
Horse: You're mom gay.
P1: No u.
*Horse fucking explodes*
by Minty Flesh March 17, 2018
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An idiom, developed in the late 1800's, that nowadays is used in the literal sense: that the person saying this, is telling the person receiving that their mother, is in fact a homosexual, or merely as an insult, that makes no literal sense. But in its half century (or so) of use was in the actual sense of an idiom; in that it could be used in a slightly more nonlinear sense.

My analysis of the idiom:
I first like to look at the use of the work "you're" which is the contraction of the words "you are," which I can believe is a way to really emphasize how personal the use of the phrase can be. Then there's the word "mom," the person who birthed you, the reason that you're currently on this world. Now many people are upset whenever you talk about their mother in a negative sense, and since this is right before the word "gay," whose definition relates to being attracted to the same sex which is taboo in culture today, and was much more in previous centuries, many believe this to have a negative connotation while in conjunction with the word "mom." But I find it to have been used in a much lighter sense in previous centuries, not being used as an insult, but more a compliment generally meaning "your mother is quite lighthearted," since gay isn't just a way as classifying someone as being attracted to the same sex, but also as an adjective to describe a good experience, or a nice person.
"Wow, Dave. Your Mom's really nice. You could say 'you're mom gay'."
"Thanks, John, she'd love to hear that."
by Edaniel April 19, 2019
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This expression is used when you want to offend someone that makes lots of grammatical errors or just use it as a joke.
Person 1: (Makes an offensive statement for the person 2 but with lots of grammatical errors)
Person 2: You're mom gay! (Sarcastically mocks the person 1 and also says that he's gay indirectly)
by chin chin ga daisuki nandayo December 30, 2017
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The series of insults used by 12 year old normies who think they're cool. The war ends when either normie says no u UNLESS the other normie drops an uno reverse on their ass
Normie #1: you're mom gay wars right now u wont
Normie #2: fite me bro
Normie #1: you're mom gay
Normie #2: your dad lesbian
N1: your granny tranny
N2: your sister a mister
N1: your brother a mother
N2: your bro a homo
N1: your ancestors incestors
N2: your family tree LGBT
N1: your family reunion a homosexual communion
N2: shit
N2: no u
N1: hehe
by toast_malone April 19, 2018
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The term "you're mom gay" can be used for many things such as calling someone gay, but to make it a more original joke, putting their mom in the business aswell.
Yo, Jared, Steve just said that you're mom gay! Hahaha!!!
by ceylinarzum April 15, 2018
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