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a phrase used when working with another & their performance is making you work harder
Frank you're killing me lift up your side of the table.
by Gerard Irick September 03, 2011
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1) Used in reference to being let down by an individual or to an individual who is not doing their share of the work, ie: slacking off

2) A phrase uttered often by Best Buy store manager Abbas Sharr to his employees

3) A phrase uttered by Abbas Sharr that his employees believed he picked up from watching "The Sandlot" too much.
1) You didn't do your half of the class project? You're killing me here.

2) Abbas: How did that last sale go, did you get them to buy the service plan?
Employee: No, they didn't want the service plan.
Abbas: Damn, you're killing me.

3) You're killing me Smalls!
by Josh May 07, 2003
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