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A feud between two idiots held in the "Comments" section of a YouTube video. Starts on-topic with the video then turns into an ugly and usually immature competition of who can spew the most self-proclaimed knowledge in an attempt to "win" the argument, as if anybody actually cares.

Witnessing a you tube feud is as simple as searching YouTube for any controversial topic (abortion, racism, animal research, etc.) selecting one of the top videos, and scrolling down to read the user comments.
Sample you tube feud:

YouTuber1: "The above video fails to mention how (topic) mostly is the result of (pointless opinion)."

YouTuber2: "@YouTuber1-That's pathetic. Let me tell you a thing or two about (topic), it's called (pointless opinion)."

YouTuber1: "@YouTuber1- I'm not sure where you get your information, but you misunderstood what I said. If you had just READ MY POST, you would have understood that. The whole point of (topic) is that (pointless opinion)..."

And on and on and on...
by Oatmeal raisin the dead February 14, 2010
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