Yous guys are all wrong. Yous guys is a northeast phrase (often used by jersey girls and long islanders) meaning you guys. The extra 's' is not silent and is added for no reason whatsoever.
"Eh, maybe later I'll meet up with yous guys."

"Yous guys keep your mouths shut."

"Very funny, least I'm not stupid like yous guys."

by Michael Siegler October 24, 2007
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A version of "you guys," which is mostly associated with New Jersey, but is also heard in other metropolitan areas, such as New York and Chicago.

It may also be spelled "youse guys" and is much better than saying "y'all."
Yous guys want to go to the concert tonight?
by ChemicalGoat May 18, 2009
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Pretty much sums up a bunch of people at once. Mostly used by Italians in Boston's North End/East Boston or on Boston's North Shore (Revere, Lynn) and also Medford and Everett.
"you's are gonna come over afta ta play some cards, right"?

"hey, yous guys are invited ta my house... i'm gonna make sum veal with pesto".
by north shore guy August 23, 2010
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Canadian Origin
Pronoun to highlight a group of close friends
"Yous Guys coming over for beer tonight?"
"We will meet Yous Guys at the trailer for a camp fire and shots."
"Yous Guys going out on the boat today. "
by TorontoScott January 30, 2017
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Pronoun. An informal, plebeian, All-American term used to address more than one person, without regard to the sexes of the addressees. Continually gaining popularity in this function as a substitute for "you," "you all," "y'all," even among the highly educated, and even among traditional people deep in the South, home of rival, functionally-equivalent term "y'all." May draw its growing appeal, which stretches across barriers of age, economic and educational background, ethnicity, and geography, from its apparent congeniality to the All-American ethics of superficial egalitarianism, aversion to pretensions of education, and emulating popular media and celebrities. Also may be gaining popularity among aging baby boomers as these struggle to maintain some vestiges of youthfulness and relevance. Presently, the term is partially and even fully replacing "y'all" in the communications of many Southerners, many of whom may be inspired by, in addition to the reasons given above, an insecurity about their accent and/or regional origins. Very formal or linguistically-fastidious people may be irritated when others use this term. Proud Southerners may view the use of the term by their fellow Southerners as a form of cultural betrayal, as a form of scalawag-ism.
Young-at-heart grandmother in Baton Rouge, speaking on the phone with her daughter-in-law: "You guys wanna come over Thursday night for some gumbo?"

Balding-but-youthful associate professor of English at an SEC college, to a half-filled classroom of students on a Friday: "You guys turned in some great essays, full of original and deep concepts. Since tomorrow's a game day, and since y'all've worked so hard lately, let's end class early. Also, I'm kind of hungover--hehe. You guys have a great weekend!"
by Lance Lamar February 1, 2016
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How the damn Yanks say ya'll

yous guys doesnt even sound right
What yous guys going?
What ya'll guys doing
by whito12 November 17, 2003
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