Referring to gang activity
Generally illegal.
Gang member: Yo nigga where you from? you bang?
random: Nah I dont bang cuz.
by ajjeje October 1, 2019
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What you say when you are walking down the street or hall with your buddies and you see a hot chick walking in front of you while checking her out.
Mike and I were walking down the hall and I said, "would you bang it?" as Whitney walked ahead of us, she heard me and turned around and smiled at me.
by a neighbor November 12, 2004
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This phrase is said when you meet a deaf man and/or woman and they decide to throw up gang signs.
by tommy.#0010 April 12, 2021
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A phrase commonly used in clubs, when someone wants to know if someone else is going to have sex with a person they might have mentioned, etc.

Usually said quickly and repeatedly to annoy or intimidate someone. Derives from a pop song.
Joe: That girl over there is fit!
Chris: Are you gonna bang though? Are you gonna bang?
by Alex167 October 13, 2009
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