1.) Furry code word for "violently rape." Usually used in reference to the anal ("tailhole") orifice of a male animal they intend to penetrate with their sad excuse for a penis.
2.) To dress up in a fursuit, find another furry dressed likewise, and hump them while in the fursuit. Sole form of furry sexual gratification not involving the need to "paw off".
1.) "Hey, let's go yiff that sheep!" said GoldenMan323 to his furry friends. Unfortunately, Farmer Bob disagreed with the idea.

2.) Watching furries yiff is like watching a Cheney vs. Rove boxing match. Nobody wins, and everybody who watches it is gonna lose.
by Lenin's Bastard Son September 11, 2004
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an addictive drug derived from coca or prepared synthetically, used as an illegal stimulant and sometimes medicinally as a local anesthetic. Otherwise known as cocaine.
Yo man, I gotta get off that yiff. The habit is costing me a fortune.
by pimpmaster1234 November 10, 2010
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v. To make love to a plush animal.

adj. "Yiffy" A plush animal that has been spooged on.
I think KickFag gets yiffy with that plush tiger in his room.
by Mario Rogic January 17, 2003
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When sad, sociably akward, 40 year old men dress in giraffe costumes, dry humping each other while bathing in their own shit
Fred: "Hey cameron, wanna yiff on each other later on? *nuzzles* OwO"
Cameron: "Please don't talk to me anymore you fucking degenerate"
by An Absolute Unit September 24, 2018
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To throw up. To feel queasy or sick.
"God, that is making me yiffy."

"I think I'm going to yiff."

"I just yiffed in the sink."
by P. Katto June 03, 2003
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Person 1: "I'm into yiff"
Person 2: please get as far away from me as possible"
by SeaDragon the Panda February 26, 2020
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