Yiff is the hottest type of porn because it is furries having sex
hey do you watch yiff
Hell no!
Are you sure
No im not sure, its hot
by Isaac torrent walker December 23, 2017
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1: Yiff/yiffing furry sex of most cartoon or oc animals.

2: Another form of yiffing is yelling and sniffing someone. that idea was originally by mattpat's wife.
β€œhey why are you yiffing at my friend? thats rude! Don't sniff or yell please!”

β€œyou made your characters yiff each other because you think its adorable?”
by Golden Paintbrush January 26, 2019
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It stands for, Yucky Idiotic Furry Fuckers. Y.I.F.F.
All furries are yiff.
by Ryan Satter March 21, 2005
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A word used by furries to describe sexual acts
Hey man want to yiff?

I yiffed her so hard last night!

Lets yiff!
by ThiccDaddykins March 13, 2019
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1.Young, Incredibly, Fuckable, Furries
2. A form of internet porn not unlike hentai that involves anthros (bipedal, walkin talkin animals, with human actions, facial expressions, and traits)that is usualy hand drawn
3. The noise a fox makes when mating
4. A very thouroughly slandered fandom throughout the internet by biased self religous try hards
1. Dude, i fapped so hard to that YIFF you sent me.
2. Dude, i couldn't sleep last night, my foxes wouldn't stop yiffing.
by Drake527 November 09, 2011
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a form of pornography of the furry nature
in which one or more anthropomorphic
animal character(s) is doing something
sexually to another anthropomorphic animal
furry. there are sites such as furaffinity.net
and yiffstar.com where there is a large
selection of yiff(y) stories and pics done
profesionally and amature arts.
(furry 1)wanna yiff?

(furry 2) depends on if you are good at rp

(furry 1) im good if you want me to be *winks*

(furry 2) then lets fuck
by blood wolf May 28, 2009
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