A mental disease that afflicts the Wapanese, the fanboys, and the otaku. Symptoms of this condition are;
(a) A sexual obsession towards females of Asian descent.
(b) An obsession towards Asian media and entertainment, primarily anime, hentai, manga, and other Japanese media.
(c) A sudden urge to imitate anything from Asia. For instance, learning Japanese and eating sushi just for the sheer sake of trying to be "Asian".
(d) Thinking that one knows more about Japan than the Japanese themselves, despite never setting foot in that country or at lest reading about it.
An Asian-American girl was harassed by some psycho who had a bad case of yellow fever. Fortunately, she had a can of Mace(tm) in her purse and did not hesitate to use it on him.
by otaku killer September 28, 2003
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An affliction the webmasters at Urban Dictionary seem to have an acute case of. Reload their front page 10 times, and I bet a different asian girl pops up 9 times.
Obsess much, guys? Your yellow fever has infected nearly the entire site
by R. Kemp October 03, 2005
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Slang term, used to mock non-asian people who are attracted to asian people. Usually of eastern descent - Chinese, Japanese, Korean etc.

Signs that someone/you has/have yellow fever include:

1) Obsession over a person of asian descent.
2) A fascination with asian stuff, e.g. Japanese things, Anime, Chinese history, Asian languages, Her parent's takeaway...
3) Acting like a prat around asian people, because you've gone into mental meltdown.

Protip: Make use of the name 'Poon' for awesome puns.
1)Yellow fever sufferer: 'Ohmygod, that *asian person* is so damn cute, I have to ask her out. I feel so lonely without her...she can make me complete <3'

Concerned friend: 'Dude, you don't know her. Why the HELL are you so obsessed with her? Please, you're scaring me.'

2) Yellow fever sufferer: 'Ohmagawd, she/he is so kawaiii!!!!1 I want to glomp him! Do u think she/he'll be impressed by mai awsum japanese/mandarin/cantonese vocab? Huh?'

3) Yellow fever sufferer: 'Oh, hi, how are you today? I just thought I'd come up and study with you here...in the library...yeah...you know, I like hong kong. I hear your family is from hong kong. Oooh, can you speak canto? Can I hear you speak canto? You do know, your hair is lovely, it's so black and nice, and your eyes too, they are lovely, so exotic and...beautiful...what? No, don't be silly, I don't fancy you, do you think I'm obsessed with azns or summat? Huh? LOLOLOOLOLOLOLOL!'
by Fantonater May 05, 2007
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A potentially fatal disease carried by bloodsucking insects such as mosquitos. Common in tropical areas.
The Panama Canal took several years to finish because most of the workers succumbed to yellow fever and other mosquito-borne illnesses.
by AYB April 06, 2003
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Wanting to fuck every Asian guy you see. For most people it sets in during their college years when they meet an exponential surge of Asians and FOBS.
Yup, I'm a white girl who hates anime and sushi, and my mouth waters every time I see an Azn dude.

Note: I'm only referring to East Asians.
And this only applies to non-East Asian females~!

Also, girls with yellow-fever typically have East Asian majors.
Christina went to that Asian Frat house again for the third night in a row, I think she caught Yellow Fever.
by Kr1574 February 02, 2010
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The best infliction to have ever hit caucasians. Signs of having contracted yellow fever includes extreme attraction and affection towards Asians of the opposite sex.
Oh my, have you seen Mimi and Lily? They are both so hot!

Calm down Douglas, you have a major case of yellow fever!
by Piranha July 18, 2006
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