The result of a person feeling that they need to drastically raise their voice in order to be heard on their mobile phone. Offenders of cell yell are oblivious to the fact that this is not necessary, and are often an extreme nuisance to everyone around them.
We had a hard time enjoying our meal at the restaurant, due to the cell yell of the woman at the next table.
by Dawn Davenport March 13, 2005
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Said in sarcasm to someone who you believe to be judging you for your actions, or what you have just said. It is used especially in situations when the other person is in fact not yelling, just speaking calmly about the situation.

Usually, the person using the term 'Stop yelling' is only saying this because they believe what they have just said could be taken in the wrong context or may have just sounded really stupid.

'Don't yell', 'stop shouting', 'calm down', 'calm your farm', 'relax your undies' and 'relax your farm' are all synonyms.
"I accidentally ate catfood the other day"
"Oh, ew- are you okay?" *genuinely concerned voice*
"Alright stop yelling!"

When I told her what I did on Friday, she just looked at me funny, but I told her to stop yelling.
by ClockfaceGeorgey July 02, 2012
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Yelling random stuff at people from a moving car at people walking down the street or standing at a bus stop. Always done by hilarious people riding together who think this is the most hilarious thing to do on the face of the earth.
Guy in car drive-by yelling at other guy standing at the bus stop: "Second class citizen!!!!!"
Guy at bus stop (pretends not to notice)
Other passengers in car: "Dude, you're the best, haw haw haw."
by daboha April 15, 2010
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a tactic employed when you need to reprimand someone or just generally emphasize a point, but the situation calls for quiet; a stern, angry whisper.
johnny: dude, my girlfriend and i got in a fight at the library today. it was a whisper yelling marathon.

jane: man, your throat must not be killing you.
by flybyzephyr April 29, 2008
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One who draws many pictures but then stops drawing when the pictures are finished.
"Look I drewed a picture" - The Yellow Yell
by :finger: March 16, 2003
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She started bitch-yelling at me from her high horse, so I blocked her ass!
by Lion_heart January 27, 2021
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Talking in a slightly raised, monotone voice with attitude
Justin: Hey! Please don't do that to the popcorn, James.
*James to Izzy*
James: Justin keeps Iowa Yelling at me!
by zombiegirlfriend January 05, 2020
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