a cheese like substance that is in a form of a rash.
Todd has a yeast infection.
by anonmyous October 15, 2003
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A very funny infection that plagues dooshy and yoan.
I got a yeast infection argh kthxbye
by Yoan February 1, 2003
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an infection that fat people get when they dont wash under there flabs, it grows on damp dark places.


when someone is sweaty and fat they are like a bag of yeast for a bakery
hannah is so sweaty that her yeast infection could make bread for a third world countrie for a year.
by alx potham January 29, 2008
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A condition that affects women when they sit on muffins with no underwear on. It can also happen if you fuck the 'Pillsbury Dough boy'
My girlfriend keeps getting 'yeast infections', she need to stop her muffin fetish before I find a Smurf's village between her legs.
by ohnoudidntgothere June 17, 2010
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Hell. A chemical imbalance in the vagina (also possible in men but uncommon) leading to raw, itchy and irritated skin making it extremely uncomfortable to move or walk. Frequently referred to as hell.
I got some action and then I got a yeast infection. Now I can't move. My life is Hell.
by krazyk7829 December 8, 2010
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For actual definition look up in encyclopedia.

Meant as an addition to the fact that people tend to write here that a yeast is not sexually transmittable.

ANY YEAST INFECTION is transmittable by touch, especcially sexual. Yeast produces spores. And spores may be delivered by skin-to-skin contact. So yeah,
Don't have sex with people when they are yeast infected.
You'll be sorry...
"You know she had a yeast infection ? And you had sex anyway ?"
"Sure, I bathe, so I thought it wouldn't affect me.."

"Omfg, that asshole gave me a yeast infection.."
"Are you sure it ain't anything else ?"

Wear rubbers !!
by UmmNotMe March 13, 2011
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1) Another name for a beer buzz.

2) ALCOHOLISM with a strong lust for beer.

3) Inability to stop after just one or two.
1) "Friends don't let friends drive with yeast-infections."

2) "Consuming twelve bottles of beer each day may result in a yeast-infection. "

3) "Dad hasn't worked in 6 months due to a yeast-infection."
by Rencewell November 8, 2011
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