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A yard-care Mexican is one of those hardworking men who tend the yards and do the landscaping for many homes and businesses in America. They also hang sheet-rock and finish concrete. At least ten yard-care Mexicans can fit in a Ford Gran Torino, and up to a dozen can ride in the back of a Chevrolet pickup truck. (Also known as a "Chebby," in the Spanglish language that they utter.) They frequently grin, but seldom smile, especially toward white people. Yard-care Mexicans are seen driving ten miles-per-hour slower than the rest of any traffic, and often constitute a roadway hazard. This is not a fault of the yard-care Mexican, but only the natural result of a person having a donkey or burro as their first car.
1. Be careful of that Chevrolet pickup towing that trailer full of brush and yard refuse. That vehicle is being driven by a yard-care Mexican!
2. Yo, dude, don't hit on that Mexican woman, her yard-care Mexicans sons will cut you!
3. Those yard-care Mexicans worked all day for me... It is unfortunate that the Immigration Police showed up with the white van... I didn't even get to pay them!
by rook's Buddy May 22, 2010
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