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Oh yes Yaraiz, Yaraiz is very nice to others she helps people she will make ur day if ur sad she’s a pretty girl that cares about people she’s kinda shy she’s very funny she will never give up afraid of bugs/insects loves friends/BESTFRIENDs hates fake friend she’s a lovely girl Yaraiz will have 10 children and have a happy husband Yaraiz will be a actress she sometimes do pranks she loves TAKIS and yea she’s funny 😂❤️❤️❤️ And yea idk what I’m doing but this is Yaraiz typing 😂🙄 but people’s have a wonderful day
Yaraiz will never give up to her friends she will be an amazing BESTFRIEND or a girlfriend she loves huskys if she hears her BESTFRIEND or friends got hurt she will go to their house and help them or she will die with them idk what I’m doing
by Yaraiz May 23, 2018
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