Lil yachty means I have lil pp just like Dylan
Dylan listen to Lil Yachty so Dylan is gay
by GayDylan2005 July 11, 2020
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A young rapper who looks like a black Ronald McDonald and sounds like he has a sock in his mouth while using crazy amounts of autotune. This dumbass also thinks a cello is something people blow into.
Person 1: Did you hear the new Lil Yachty song?
Person 2: Yeah it was absolutely buns.
by Lil Pumps Dog May 21, 2019
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An auto tuned, self absorbed, piece of shit, hip-hop artist you find on every 11 year olds "Rap" playlist.
I like Lil Yachty because he's considered a rapper and I only listen to him because everyone else does!
by Chiimy Chonga January 5, 2017
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Some one who knows how to sing and owns so many yachts, he is very rich, and has a lot of chains. He easts Pizza a lot, and plays Fortnite, he be ballin’ till it 2080 in June.
Have you heard Lil Yachty new album?
by 69 in the hood May 28, 2019
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Some braindead mumble rapper who needs to go to music class.
On a quiz, students wrote answers.

Teacher: How do you play the cello kids?

Mario: With your hands!

Sonic: With your arms!

Lil Yachty: With my willy.

Teacher: Sorry Lil Yachty, but you're incorrect! You got a 15% on the quiz.
by Raspberry Necessary 35 March 7, 2022
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Man:yo have you heard of lil yachtys songs?
Man: yea, its lit
by superoofer July 10, 2018
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