when u are havin sex shout out ya mam and your girlfriend or boyfriend will leave you and everyones a winner. Nick sharman is gay oh yeah and toddy
ahhh ahhh harder ya mam
by ben February 07, 2005
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Ya mam gay

Ik Ur here bc u searched up ya mam go fucking search up Logan Paul
Boy 1 "ya mam gay"
Boy 2" I know she is"
by Ya mam a chicken December 11, 2019
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what you looking at?
ya mam!
who's gay ?
ya mam !
by ya mam October 25, 2003
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a very common insult used alot on the internet between "friends" basically the same as ya mam and ya mum but because people cant be bothered to press the space bar now and then yamam seems so much easier. Can be used in all kind of situations and either ends up killing (ending) the conversation or u end up gettin bitch slapped. is also an opputunity to expand your small vocabulary by adding other offensive terms to piss off ur mates. is normally the only answer u can get from a question no one wants to answer

yamam has got to be one of the best words in the world, now go forth and engage in the phenomenon of YAMAM!!!
ash:wanna go pkin?

ash:lo, u there?

ash:buy WoW its great
me:so is yamam

me:go fuck yamams crusty pussyhole u motherfucking cock munchin cunt faced nob jockey
by jaytac August 02, 2006
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yamamis da best on toast with cheese on top u gay
hows ya mam
the best
by ben January 31, 2005
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wen ya mam asks u 4 anything tell her ya mams a virg
mkiujn kijuuy b uyjh76g6 mkmkjkjmk
by danny March 04, 2005
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oooOOHOHHHH SH IT dudeEE stop tickling my BUNGHOLE im gonna splooge in ya mam
via giphy
by amasteas July 05, 2019
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