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A disgusting type of underpant when worn upon a young man that could be characterised by their seamy beige colour and (in most cases) exceedingly optimistic pocket for storing manhood snugly. They sit low on the hips and are in much the same fashion as a short, and are unfortunately very prone to showing the slightest skidmark, nay the barest touching of cloth by the turtle's head, in glaring, nauseating contrast.
Men who favour the y-front cock pocket jock rocket, are likely to be of the dopey gurning toothpick calibre, and in nearly all cases may also be placed in the try-hard pigeonhole.
That doopyloopy fucking stayed the night at my house, and jocked it in my bed next to me wearing nothing but his horrible y-front cock pocket jock rockets!
by becy May 03, 2005
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