1. contraction for "you" and "all." Used by hicks and rednecks or just Southern ladies.

2. contraction for "your" and all." more commonly used by wannabes and pimps.
1. Ya'll better come-n-git yo' possum fo' it get cold.

2. I can't believe ya'll up in my business like that.
by shannon February 05, 2005
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1) A contraction of “you all”.

2) A word usually either said by black people or a lone white guy in the company of blacks.

3) A word with a lot of bizarre definitions on Urban Dictionary.
Aside from Florida, I’ve never stepped foot in the south in my life. However, I hear and say the word “y'all” every day at work.
by Forever Remain May 25, 2009
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A saying commonly overused by people of the southern areas of the United States Of America. The saying was originated back in 1863 by a man of the name John Joseph Jingleheimer who was a slave owner. He used the phrase when 10 of his slaves were running away. He shouted at them, "Hey, y'all better get back here!" What he meant to say was, "Hey, all of you get back here!" Now this is why the Southern People of the U.S use the phrase Y'all instead of you all.
Y'all want to go get some icecream?
by Jamal Mckenna February 17, 2012
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Supposed to be a slang word for "you all", of which it is now used by 13-16 year old angsty white trash teens and sluts on the Internet. Originally used by somewhat more smarter and logical people that originated from the South called "Southerners"
A small group of people online: (States logical and straight forward opinion)
SlutExample1: Lmao the fuck y'all talkin about xDDDDDDD
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by Dancious June 17, 2017
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