Pete: last night was messy. i can't even remember getting home.
Jonny: you think that's bad? i woke up and found an x-box 360 in my bed.
Pete: again?
Jonny: what can i say. I'm a dedicated player.
by joany April 17, 2007
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takes away all your boyfriends time, stupid game system, includes games like COD: MW2 (lame) and Rock Band 2 (which is okay), devours any teenage guys time
Morgan: Jeremy, are you STILL playing your xbox 360?
Jeremy: um no... (cod mw2 sounds heard)
Morgan: yes you are, you liar! were through!!!!
Jeremy: NO BABY! (morgan hangs up)
Jeremys Mom: maybe if you talked to the girl instead of playing that stupid game, maybe youd still have her
by im awesomee !!!!!!! November 26, 2009
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The Xbox 360 was the first next-gen console to appear, but it could not take full advantage of this head-start. Despite appearing in 2005, it has so far failed to gain massive support - mostly thanks to an unspectacular set of games. Now it seems doomed to fall behind thanks to the sheer power of the PS3 (MGS 4, anyone?) and the supreme originality of the Wii. Halo 3 might prolong its life thanks to fanboys, but Sony and Nintendo are already set to rule the next-gen war in 2007.
'Okay, we've got Dead Rising... and Halo 3, when that comes out... and lots of PS2 games that are prettier on the X-box 360 than on the PS2.'
'Yeah, but... the PS3 has MGS 4. And just look at the Wii's controller.'
'Damn. We're screwed. Still, I can't wait for MGS 4...'
by madmurch September 19, 2006
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The most superior of the next- gen game consoles available on the Australian market.
Do you own an Xbox 360?
Yeah! It is the most superior of all consoles.
by Jack De August 28, 2008
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Microsofts next gen system, that will be nothing compared to PS3 and the rev or wii...

in other words, a way for microsoft to sell Halo 3 for $400.
Joe: im gonna get halo 3, its a great game and only 50 dollars....
Fred: but u have to get a x-box 360 first...
Joe: oh yea, that means i have to spend $400...
by pachu June 05, 2006
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Playstation 3 with a tiny red ring that turns on when Microsoft decides it wants you to buy it again. Essentially designed as a foolproof plan to keep people from playing their previous system long into then ext generation, the machine essentially self-destructs after fifteen minutes of playing your old "the office" DVDs.
I stockpile Xbox 360's so when one breaks down I can just move onto the next.
by Ravio July 17, 2015
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Another suckish invention made by Microsoft that takes your $59.99 a month then bans your Console and Account.
Woah your account got banned. You must have an Xbox 360
by XboxSuks December 15, 2015
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