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To have 3 or more xboxs hooked up to xbox live at one time at a specific location.
We just had the biggest xbox orgy ever.
by Alex Bell March 20, 2008
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When a group of 3 or more friends bring their Xbox's and TVs to a set location (usually a basement or bedroom), and spend the entire night playing vigorously. These nights are known to produce fond memories and unforgettable experiences. Other things that are normally included are cases of Mountain Dew, Loud Music, and Hookah's. Xbox orgy's are absolutely flooded with profound gestures and exclamations, making it a terrible place for small children. They will also be extremely annoying throughout the night anyways.

Law's of the Xbox Orgy:

1. When a friend arrives who has not brought his gaming set-up, he is entitled to a split-screen session with an already gaming friend. This may not be the case when considering the seating arrangement and TV size, but try your best to make it work.
2. Common courtesy towards home owner's belonging is STRONGLY encouraged. Home owner is entitled to calling you out on your stupidity whenever he feels it is necessary.
3. Extra caution is mandatory when maneuvering within the area of a fellow orgy-er's Xbox and TV. Damages will be paid by or replaced by the destroyer.
4. There should NEVER be a limit placed on the number of people involved in the orgy. the more the merrier!!!
Dude 1: Hey, are you going to Austin's later??
Dude 2: Maybe... what are we gonna do?
Dude 1: XBOX ORGY!!! Bring your shit.
Dude 2: Lets just split-screen..
Dude 1: Bring Mountain Dew and it's a deal!
by Chode Stroker January 12, 2013
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