"x" is the letter mostly used from the internet to ship or pair two or more people by typing "x" in between two or more names.
*Name* x *Name* or *Name* x * Name* x *Name OR EVEN *Name* x * Name* x * Name* x *Name* x *Name* x *Name* x *Name*
by RageDasher December 09, 2017
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A letter between w and y. One t=of the least common letters to be the first letter of a word.

Also means kiss because > and < meet each other at one point.

Used to at a picture to indicate that it is not allowed.

Used to indicate a classwork problem is wrong.
There aren't many words that start with the X.


They put a big X at the picture because that action is not allowed.

The teacher crossed problem number one because i got it wrong.
by bhargavat August 22, 2010
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Slang for Ecstasy, the finest of all designer drugs. Makes girls get all loved up and desperate to be fucked.
I dropped some X at the rave.
by Ben Lynch February 26, 2005
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Used as a prefix and/or suffix to online nicknames usually belonging to females who crave attention. Many can and usually are used at a time and vary in capitalization.



by khayra-b February 13, 2007
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What every ages 8-11 girl uses as a username, on Instagram.
Evelyn: hi Lydia do u have an x in your username? I do!!
Lydia: duhhh my username on insta is @lyd.x
Evelyn: mine is @evelynx.x
by ElaDCx0 June 15, 2017
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