Some word that triggered the fuck out of my 7th grade World Studies teacher
"Since when was wussy and appropriate word"
by SUPPERGAYFAGTARD March 17, 2018
A bitch made punk posing as a male but is really packing a vagina who starts shit with a real man but when that man takes exception to said, wussy's faulty doings the wussy talks tough to the man who is calling him out then in true wussy fashion the wussy blocks the man.
C. Fagalo is such a wussy his spirit animal must be a Chihuahua.
by Elizondo Herbert Mt Dew Camach September 2, 2020
Wussy…use fucking context clues maddie

Who are you a bitch for, please you are better than this. This isn’t you🥺😢😩🥵🥺🥺😍✨✨☄️🔯🎖😱🙀💩👺👁🫂👨🏻 🎤👩🏻 🦲🧶🥺🥺🥰☄️🦘🦍🚓🚲💎💣
-S and C
by Ceescandy January 14, 2022
Woman pussy. A necessary descriptor after the world-ending empire recently established around the male "bussy" (boy pussy)
Look, Owen, wussy is poppin', but bussy is hella bussin. You gotta take both for a meat spin!
by Brian Zircon July 22, 2022
The Defenition of a wussy, in sexual terms is wet pussy.
Boy: mm lemme get dat wussy🤤
by Sexual Defs January 4, 2019