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a form of punishment used by Indians or African tribes in a joke.
3 guy are captured by Indians. They are locked in a tepee. They are charged with trespassing and given a choice: death or wubba jubba.

The first guy says "I don't know what wubba jubba is, but I don't want to die, so I choose wubba jubba". The cheif yells: WUBBA JUBBA!! WUBBA JUBBA!! WUBBA JUBBA!!" and all the Indians start fucking him in the rear. After about an hour, the Indians take the second guy out of the tepee and give hime the same choice. The second guy is hauled out and the third guy hears the chief ask his friend if he wants death or wubba jubba. The friend chooses wubba jubba and the 3rd guy hears yelling and screaming. So he finds a spot in the tepee where he can see outside, and sees the Indians doing his friend in the ass, one after another. So when they take him outside and ask if he wants death or wubba jubba, he chooses death. So the Indian chief shouts: "Death by wubba jubba!"
by gob3 August 03, 2010
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