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What The Fuck Again?

You know how you always say wtf in chatrooms? Well, wtfa is used when you say wtf too many times and it makes things funnier.
Fuzziex: Queernecessity
Wolfsoul6: wtf?
Fuzziex: Eh?
Wolfsoul6: Futa! :D
Fuzziex: wtf?
Wolfsoul6: Braindar. O.o
Fuzziex: wtfa?
by Hidden Panda from the Closet January 22, 2010
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What The Fuck Actual

A play on the military radio term 'actual' meaning you are actually speaking to the guy in charge, versus a radio operator.

Primarily used in written communications when the subject is so screwed up that a normal wtf just doesn't cut it. May be used as an outburst when learning about a recent SNAFU.
Hey, did you hear our deployment has been indefinitely extended?

Wtfa, why can't they figure this shit out?
by RealPOG February 01, 2014
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Emily: babe! WTFA
johnny: I just left work, I'll be home in 10 minutes ;)
by Lynne's August 15, 2016
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