The only sport in which groping and dry humping your opponent is considered acceptable. Invented by homosexual Greek Olympiads in the early 1300s B.C., it was originally played completely in the nude. Modern society has rejected this style professionally, but homosexuals still practice the original tradition worldwide. In modern instances of this sport, heterosexual men have embraced this sport for proving to themselves that they are indeed better than the smarter and smaller men and claim that writhing on the floor with another man is merely for the athletic purposes.
Sure, wrestling may be a rigorous activity, but it's a little too awkward for me.
by Cannibalistic Cucumber January 04, 2011
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A form of sports entertainment in which scrawny, muscular, and woman engage in high risk stunts. Wrestlers can compete wearing spandex, street clothes or lingere (only the women do that). It provides entertainment for somewhat blood-thirsty neanderthals and those who view all of the angles, heel and face turns from a psycological standpoint. It also provides entertainment for great fans of comedey when they pull stunts such as spraying a giant with "sewage" and putting various items into a wood chipper.
And besides all of you hormonal members of the male gender like to see the divas with the huge fake tits manhandle each other.
"Jaime baby, your log is not big enough to put in the wood chipper (Jaime then looks down at crotch and yells "it is big") but I can definantly put a certain fur coat in."
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A Sport which everyone tries to defend with allegations as, you have to dehydrate, be anorexic, and an insomniac to compete in. see Mary-Kate Olsen

just for 6 minutes? Please Football players are on the pitch for 90mins straight, and you guys are claiming to be tough with 6 minutes? get a life you sorry bastards, and let's not get started about MMA fighters.
Wrestler: "My ideal body, is that of Mary-Kate Olsen"

Me: "Wrestling is gay, and so are you"
by Goose B July 06, 2009
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Its another for of entertainment. It is oftimes dismissed as fake and gay...by those who dont watch the show, just the little specials about how it is fake. Fake or not, it is a great form of entertainment in which men and women with brilliant athletic abilities and amazing drive and it is bullshit to say that they dont get hurt. Obviously, some of the stunts are false, especially the hammer hits and strikes, HOWEVER, it is quite hard to fake a polish hammer to the nose of big boot the head. As well, it gives great pointer on how to inflict some serious pain on anyone who you see fit.
~and yes, I do take pleasure in the pain of my enemies~
as a side note, for all of you homophobes and wrestling bashers, fight one of em, and see how easily you get snapped in half.
~yo, dog, i put that nigga in an ankle lock
~oh shnap, what happened?
~i popped that niggas foot off, that shit popped
~Damn, nigga, where'd you learn that shit?
~Smackdown, Kurt Angle did that shit.
~I thought that shit was fake
~Hell yeah, but shit, you learn how to do some REAL mean shit.
~So when's your court hearing
by Shanjay March 23, 2005
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A type of sports entertainment which has superstars risking their lives day in and day out for the enjoyment of the fans.
"I cannot stand when people make ignorant and disrespectful comments about our business and the performers within it. I think it’s ludicrous to question the incredible athleticism of any of the WWE Superstars. We’ve labeled what we do as entertainment, but you must be a real dumbass if you think wrestlers don’t get hurt getting slammed around on a wooden and steal ring over 200 days a year. I think we’re the toughest athletes out there because we never have an off season. We’re non-stop. We’re year-round."
by Godzilla ratus June 07, 2004
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the act in when 2 guys rub each other homosexually on the ground its practically dry sex
guy 1: yo bro meet u at the mats latr and do some wrestling ;?

guy 2: yeea babe =*
by realsoocer July 13, 2011
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glorified sodomy in an enclosed space, involving 2 people of the same gender groping each other.
ok. i love wrestling with you every night
by thegreatmelikenootherbefore March 15, 2011
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