1. (USA) A very popular form of televised burlesque entertainment. While arguably not as skilled as circus acrobats, "professional" wrestlers must possess considerable athletic skill in order to execute, without injury to each other, the carefully choreographed routines and set-pieces that form the basis of the shows.
2. A socially acceptable expression of public homosexual bonding, with ancient origins, now recognized as an organized sport at most secondary schools and universities, and by the International Olympic Committee.
If you think "Friday Night Smackdown" is outrageous, just imagine being in a dark, smoky Berlin nightclub crammed full of queer brownshirts and drunk, loud British Shriners on Holiday while a wrestling tag team of nude midgets with Down Syndrome flail away at each other in a huge mudpit, constantly egged on to more senseless violence by the crowd's catcalls and whistles.
by A. Hick July 25, 2006
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A gay sport where boys wear spandex and touch each other; an excuse to have other men rub your penis
I learned this new wrestling move,its called chucking oil. Its where you stick your thumb up their ass-hole. Let me show you sweet cheeks....
by lightpost July 19, 2006
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a very difficult and challenging sport where two people use series of moves and take downs to pin their opponent, all in three matches of 2 minutes. most people think wrestling as a gay sport, that is probably because it is. once you do wrestling for a long ass time, you have to devote all, not most, but all of your time to it, losing you social life and cool friends. this turns you into one of those faggot wrestlers that think they are so tight and tough and think nobody knows how wrestling really is and you could kick their ass. you cant. go ahead and fuck with some hoodrat gang and theyll blow your head off. yea i guess thats unfair because you didnt wrestle with them but, cry about it. thats life. sure, i did wrestling and i know it is probably the hardest sport to play and i gave it a good 3 years. i think its tight that you guys are doing that shit. i just realized when i saw older wrestlers that no one liked them and they had the maturity of a fifth grader. and i knew i didnt want to be like them. the point is, not all people are saying wrestlers are gay, just weird and stupid. stop whining that no one knows the real wrestling, because most of us do. its just an unusual sport. so shut the fuck up and stop whining, stick to your sport, and we'll start to forget about it and stop bugging you. jesus christ you guys are fucking annoying. i guess i just believe that a sport shouldnt eat up your whole life, maybe im crazy
wrestler - "why dont you try wrestling? oh yea, you would get fucked up!"

non wrestler - "no, because i dont want to go to military school once im out of highschool, fucking cunt"
by reed delobenfels January 04, 2008
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1. absolute stupidity organized into rounds and matches.

2. the only sport where you can get disqualified for getting a woodie.

3. The only sport where you can die from "penetration", which is why you get disqualified for having a boner.

4. a sport which incorparates 2 pairs of balls that collide at high speeds and vigorously rub together.

5. Olympic wrestling is excluded from all above definitions except for definition 2, I believe.
Boxing is tougher than wrestling N00bidly N00bs!
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"Sport" in which fully grown men (and sometimes women) indulge in choreographed physical violence. e.g. wcw e.t.c.

Often misinturperated by incompetent youths -under the misconception that it is "cool" and "macho" to prance around a ring dressed in spandex grasping at another man also dressed in spandex- as real violence and repeated in the playground e.t.c.

Entertainment for blood thirsty, simpletons who cannot grasp the concept of reality and fiction.

A superiority complex based around a persons inferiority complex. Inferior as they do not have a high IQ and can only express emotion through violence and rage.

I know it seems narrow minded of me to attack "wrestlers" (a.k.a: BAD ACTORS)by implying that wrestleing is a homosexual act. This is not an attak on the gay community, yes: i am implying that wrestling is gay but only because i know that this will annoy the narrow minded, blood thirsty, incompetent individuals that gain a sadist pleasure from inflicting pain upon others. There is nothing wrong with homosexuality.
If u think that your a big man because you touch other men whilst wearing spandex, then thats your problem.
by x_X_x February 22, 2004
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Wrestling – An excuse for high school boys to wear leotards and rub vigorously up against each other. They work out to look cute for each other, and shave their body hair for, ummm, aerodynamics maybe?
“Look at the buns on that wrestler

Yeah, I hope he makes our wrestling squad!”
by Plastic Cawk March 24, 2007
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1) a valid athletic sport that involves intense grapple and submissions mostly at ground level. highly entertaining and extemely competitive, athletic wrestling is a great sport. unfortunatly most athletic wrestlers are douche bags who dismiss the sports entertainment version as pure acting and "bullshit" despite the fact that theyve never taken/given a steel chair shot to the head or put anyone through/ been put through a folding put-away table.
2. wrestling (sports entertainment) a sort of glitzed-up version of the same sport wherein competiters require even more stamina and discipline as well as skills in the preformance arts in order to hang in. although the appeal of pro-wrestling is usually stoked with fictious story-lines and character gimmicks within the televised programmes, pro-wrestlers must train to take the same kind of blows they dish out as most impacts in-ring are all real. this is one wrestler who has been on both sides of the fence and can attest as to the validity of both forms of true athleticism. now all you wwe-hating, ground-groping douche-bags run tell that.
wrestling is an awesome sport weather its athletic or entertainment.
by TonyChavez July 11, 2008
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