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an amateur independent film production company founded in Amityville, NY by some kids in their teens thinking making movies would be fun. Since their creation in 2000, they have many numerous senseless and self-referential shorts that can only be described as "hyper-reality comedic adventures." Some of these include the Wasted Series, Necromania, The Passion of the Myspace, the Harry Potter series, and Amityvillians. As of 2007, they currently have two feature length films: the shitty one called Amity, and the slightly less shitty one called Ultimate Sacrifice and the Holy Grail. What will they do next? No one cares.
"Dude, I just watched a Wowie Kazowie Production"
"What was it about?"
"Fuck if i should know. It didn't make sense"

"Hey, who are those losers always filming movies around the high school?"
"Oh, thats just Wowie Kazowie Productions"
by Fred Jones January 17, 2007
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