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Reknowned strongman competition started in 1977. It involves Several heats who get various points for thier placings in events such as the farmers walk. The weights used in such competitions vary, but 300lb is the lowest generally. Certain stationary endurance events will go over 1000lb.

When first started, the leaderboard was set ablaze by the United States, although this stranglehold (The first three years there were anomalous Europeans getting on the board) was quickly diminished, and Northern Europe has become the dominant power.

The greatest show of force however, is two Icelandians; Magnus Ver Magnusson and Jon Pall Sigmarson, who have each won it four times. There have been a few winners from the UK and central Europe, although Mariusz Pudzianowski (Representing Poland) has blown the competition away since his first entry, along with fellow eastern Europeans

1977 - Bruce Wilhelm
1978 - Bruce Wilhelm
1979 - Don Reinhoudt
1980 - Bill Kazmaier
1981 - Bill Kazmaier
1982 - Bill Kazmaier
1983 - Geoff Capes
1984 - Jon Pall Sigmarsson
1985 - Geoff Capes
1986 - Jon Pall Sigmarsson
1987 - No Competition
1988 - Jon Pall Sigmarsson
1989 - Jamie Reeves
1990 - Jon Pall Sigmarsson
1991 - Magnus Ver Magnusson
1992 - Ted Van Der Parre
1993 - Gary Taylor
1994 - Magnus Ver Magnusson
1995 - Magnus Ver Magnusson
1996 - Magnus Ver Magnusson
1997 - Jouko Ahola
1998 - Magnus Samuelsson
1999 - Jouko Ahola
2000 - Janni Virtannen
2001 - Svend Karlsen
2002 - Mariusz Pudzianowski
2003 - Mariusz Pudzianowski
by Kung-Fu Jesus April 28, 2004
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A sexual position in which the standing male holds the female by the buttocks or thighs. The female should reciprocate by wrapping her legs around the male and holding on to his shoulders for deeper penetration.
by b-rad June 16, 2004
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a man who's muscles are practically about to rip out of his skin and veins are showing as though they are surfaced at the skin..
That bitch looks like he's the strongest man in the world!
by James Lowe May 8, 2004
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