The act of driving one's elbow into the head of an unsuspecting individual with a level of force likely causing the recipient serious bodily injury and/or concussion-like symptoms.
The SW Airlines gate employee refused to let us board the airplane because we were a few minutes I jumped over the counter and World Peaced her ass. Dumb bitch...
by Lvegas April 30, 2012
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A fantasy. Commonly used by beauty queens.
Miss Utah: I want world peace

Miss Kentucky: I want a unicorn
by Bobby76437 October 17, 2008
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What right-wing neo-con wordAmericans/word are trying to prevent.
by fingers October 16, 2003
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The only people who think its possible are the ones who are making it impossible
George Bush: Hey lets bomb the crap out of Iraq so we'll have world peace!!!
by Jimmy Joe December 25, 2003
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When you fuck a girl from every race.
Bro I fucked a black girl last night and finally achieved world peace.
by savage mf March 10, 2022
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Verb. to give someone an elbow to the face/head area with a large enough force to cause a concussion..may or may not be deliberate contact

Noun. a term for giving a concussion
Doctor: What happened sonny?

Kid: I got "world peace(d)" in the head while playing basketball...

Doctor: Looks like a concussion...

I'm gonna give that dude some world peace today..
by socali101 May 9, 2012
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An Alt-right dog whistle for White Power.

Code language of the far right.
"World peace, World peace, World peace,"

- Sam Hyde, a White supremacist, talking to a protester of Trump.
by PuncherofNazis August 14, 2019
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