a person who uses other people's signature words as if they had made them up.
"Sammie, don't be such a word sresler!"
"I'm not you loserface!"
"Loserface is my word!"
by loserfacefan September 13, 2009
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words to my crocs bitch is a phrase used mostly by new yorkers. the phrase means “i swear” or “told you so”
person one: “bro, madison beer just followed my insta.”

person two: “no way, show me”

person one: *pulls up instagram and shows that madison beer follows them back* see? words to my crocs bitch 🤪
by HereForWhat February 20, 2021
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The moment when you have an idea inside your head, but you have a hard time saying it out loud since you're finding the suitable word in your head. Usually happens when speaking your second/third/nth language.

Note: This is different than the speech disorder "stuttering". Word stroke can happen to anyone.
"You know Andy, I think this show is..."
"Is what, Ray?"

by ubon September 21, 2020
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A person who is so infatuated with the iPhone game "words with friends" it interferes with their daily functioning.
Symptoms include lack of productivity at work (if they even have a job), accidents while driving (hoping to get lucky and create something more than a 5 letter word on a TW tile) and an overall shunning from society because everytime this person is out, their head is buried in their phone, trying to win at all 15 games the have running concurrently.
normal guy "damn bro, you see that chick at the bar eye fuckin us, she was bangin!!!"

words tweaker "hang on bro, Ive got a q and z and theres an open TL and TW tile, Im gonna straight up murder this fool right now!!! Oh yeah high 5"

normal guy "dont talk to me for 8 minutes"

words tweaker ":( ok"
by Danny boy in LA November 17, 2010
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Logan : Hey, going out want anything?
Jake: Yea, buy me some pizza
Logan: Buy mE sOmE piZzA
Words with some caps
by G.B Stella October 23, 2017
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