A word on UrbDic with, oh my god, how many words, SO MANY!!! that even the Word of the Day has less hyperlinks.
Some entries on UrbDic are bluer words because they have more hyperlinks than the Word of the Day. This changes daily as the Word of the Day does.
by maegical April 19, 2021
It is a word that has many meanings, or a word that doesn't have a clear meaning.
Person 1: If you think about it, the word set has a lot of meanings.
Person 2: Well it's a sticker word, so it should have a lot of meanings.
by Withered Rose June 27, 2022
to agree or add emphasis to a claim
“he’s so cool ”
Dude no way
“No word to my dick he’s the coolest guy in the grade”

Yo word to my dick I love you guys”
by P1mpd4ddy September 20, 2022