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when an extremly short and extremly tall person(monty and bogan) unleash insults about the others stature untill receiving a laugh from morella or dodge.
"do a word off!" "tom, your an extension cord." "bogan, your a stump-punk,da na na nah"
by the ultimate secret January 18, 2007
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(1) A brief competitive verbal exchange between two or more individuals. One individual attempts to outdo another in his or her use of the English language in the most ridiculous manner possible. (2) Phrase used to cut the tension by an observer during an intense verbal assault.
When Stephen was insulting Ariel's "Run for the Cure" bracelet and Ariel tried to fight him, Meg tried to cut the tension by referring to the altercation as a word off.
by Sarah1983 July 27, 2007
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