a term created by some dick wipes in new orleans meaning white girl with an ass
rapper:I was at "Da" club and i saw a "wooty"
by KKKlova December 08, 2010
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The word 'Wooty' is a racist term used to identify a thai man
Thailand is a country filled damn tree hanging Wootys
by PC Alber November 06, 2010
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a fictional type of cereal, loosly based on wheaties except they taste good, have lots of sugar and are endorsed by people you've never heard of
wooties are a part of a balanced breakfast
by Donniey October 28, 2004
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The word 'wooty' is commonly used to racially provoke members of the Thailand society. The Term wooty is mainly directed towards members of thailand who are still primitive and live in uninhibited locations of Thailand.

Many insults about wootys are that they are addicted to bamboo, and they only eat wild boar and hunt with spears. And if two wootys are in the same location they will fight for the role of the domminant male.
Look those two wootys are fighting each other!

I sware i just seen a wooty drinking from that lake.

I couldent sleep last night because of those damn wooty howls and drums in the night!
by Wooty observer November 09, 2010
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A old New Orleans slang people use to call someone their friend.
β€œThat’s my wooty”
by TrendinnTopic June 27, 2018
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Wooty (or Wooty de Oozekotchbeeh) is a fictional supporting character from the Reverie Bay Letters, a series of children's publication by illustrator and designer Thomas Nguy. Fans of the book have recently use 'Wooty' as an exclamation for the pleasantly surprising or serendipitous.
(Spotting a celebrity on the street)
"Look! It's Wooty!"
by Joktu January 26, 2009
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