I like to think maybe my nick-name was the original woot. im 32 and have been called woot my whole life because my last name is wooten
by David Wooten February 2, 2008
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term used by faggots to describe happiness over playing a MMMOROGPGOH game where they pretend there lives don't suck so much balls. you can also Double Woot which counts 10x. But you have to be a level 8 dicksucker to use this power.
DragonSlayerSupreme10: WOOT! my character is so Bad-Ass
MissSlayestBitoch: Will you virtually fuck me?
DragonSlayerSupreme10: Double WOOT!
by Feather August 9, 2007
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an exclamation used by nerds and/or your mom.
woot, 1 r teh 1337z0r357 on teh intarweb!
by temolate March 17, 2005
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A scaled down or abbrev. version of an 1930's Depression Era Term., "Woody Toot Toot!" an exclamation of joy or satified contentment over another or condition where the exclaimer is sounding their own horn or displaying happiness. See ego.
The phrase has dwindel over the years but has found resurgence in it current form for net/game phrasing.
Woot!, They didn't see me coming, I pwned!
by Wordman April 23, 2004
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A term used to express joy in something or when you are a loser who plays games too much. Usually typed with zero's instead of O's
"Gavin scored 99/100 on his test w00t"

"Gavin is a bellend, w00t"

"Matteh is teh w00t!"
by Jamie January 6, 2005
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The sound an automobile muffler "Whistle Tip" makes, as according to Bubb Rubb.
"The wistles go woot!"
by Dazrite Beech October 13, 2004
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a word commonly used to show positive emotion to a situation or experiance. Usually followed by and exclamation mark. also w00t or wo0t/w0ot
woot! I just got some ass!
woot! pwned!
by Anonymous July 28, 2003
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