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When depended upon as trusted wingman to make good choices and look out for your friends and their needs, you have moments of self doubt and insecurity. With so much at stake, you worry you have or will fail at your duty to be everything to everyone in their time of need - the Point Man. But you always come through in a clutch and sometimes only after unintelligible fits of frustration and screams. Then everyone is proud.
Chris - Hey, what's up with Steve tonight? He seems to be a little distracted about something.

Jeremy - No clue, but from the looks of things, he's showing signs of wookie worries.

Chris - aw man.. he'll pull through. We might not always understand how, but he always does. Go Steve. (Head nod of gentlemanly acknowledgment and respect)

Jeremy - yup, now watch me go chat up that girl over there, then crash and burn while doing it.

(Chris shakes his head and developes a case of the wookie worries for fear he has taught Jeremy nothing)
by tangofoxtrot January 02, 2014
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