basically, as to say "what the hell do u think?" answer to an obvious question
same as do bears shit in the woods, and is the pope catholic
?: Tryina burn this wit us?
Answer: does pinochio have wooden balls?
by J. @kins May 06, 2008
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used to describe someone with with an amazing capacity to talk endlessly, often with few breaks or pauses and limited clarity of thought.
I just left my sister-in-laws house. My god, that broad could talk the ears off a wooden indian!
by Mr. Jameson September 15, 2010
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not if its a female hobby horse
Little Jimmy had lots of fun playing with his new hobby horse, but he always wondered what that strange object sticking out of it was
by princess gecko of lizard land November 21, 2004
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A midwestern colloquialism meaning that you could even drive a person who had no manner of sensory perception up the wall because you are beyond all natural levels of irritating.
Matthew Lesko could drive a wooden person crazy.
by Chainsaw August 03, 2005
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