1. Interpreting a comment to be the opposite of what is intended.

2. When a statement is taken to have the worst possible meaning, especially in the case of a complement.
He said she looked nice today, but all her woman ears heard was she usually looks terrible, has a fat butt, dresses like a whore, and wears too much / not enough make up.
by Miss Chievous November 9, 2006
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An attractive, self-sufficient, experienced "older" woman (over 40) who is able to buy herself diamond earrings, i.e., she doesn't need anyone else to do anything for her. These women usually attract younger, submissive men or women. Also, a domineering woman (which is the word that was misunderstood as "diamond earring" that led to this definition).
I always seem to end up with a diamond earring woman!
by snatchface_shanker November 4, 2009
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