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A wog move is something that a person who is a wog does which is absolutely ballistic. It is pretty much when someone tells him " do a wog move" and he will do anything e.g smash someone on the wall, smash glass or do something stupidly funny. But dont get fooled , the mighty wog move does have its purpose. If someone is messing around with someone else he knows, a person will call "do a wog move' and that wog will beat him to bloody pieces. If you tell him to do it, he will do anything in his posseision to destory that group or person. Never underestimate they say, of the power of a wog move.
Person 1:Oi look, habib is going to a wog move.

Person 2: Oh crap, get the crowd in boys.
by crazy wog July 04, 2016
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