A member of the once-powerful syndicalist union, the Industrial Workers of the World. They are in favour of revolutionary unionism and see authoritarian control (such as bosses and politicians) as oppressive. Many wobblies subscribe to some form of anarchism.
The wobbly was outnumbered at the meeting by liberals who prefered to work with the bosses instead of in opposition to them.
by Gwen July 25, 2003
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Having a condition that severely impairs your body movement and/or speech functions to a degree that would cause you to be mistaken for a developmentally challenged person, but without actually impairing your mental faculties.
The comedian Francesca Martinez has cerebral palsy, but she prefers to call it 'being a bit wobbly'.

My grandfather had a stroke. His brain is fine but now he's gone wobbly.
by Jezza1001 June 20, 2013
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Beers (plural). Origin of the word comes from the state one is in after consuming too many beers: wobbly.
Gonna have a few wobblies tonight mate?
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