Woman-loving woman. Used for black lesbians and women-aligned black people in the LGBTQ+ community. Non-black lesbians and woman aligned people are referred to as sapphics.
Danielle is a major supporter of the wlw community!
by skyye dillon October 24, 2019
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WLW is short for women loving women. It is similar to NBLW (Nonbinary loving women) and is the opposite of MLM/NBLM (In context can mean Men loving men, or Nonbinary loving men).
1) "I love reading WLW stories!"
2) "There's a difference between WLW and MLM! There's also a difference between NBLW and NBLM!"
by AnnaAnna-Chan April 24, 2022
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A gay giraffe......maybe.
King of the realm of teletext, God to a small but fervent group of worshippers. see also Backchat....or, alternatively, dont.
Ziner: "Wow, its Wuh..Luh...Wuh!!!"
WLW: "Mavis! KILL!!!"
by Skeletal Munchkin December 7, 2004
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