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A sexual act that involves one person having cheese curds stuffed in his anus then being sodomized by multiple men to completion. Typically, the man then shits out the resulting mixture of feces, semen, and cheese into a bowl, which is then served with milk and beer during Packers games.
"Hey man, since the big game is on tomorrow we were thinking of doing a Wisconsin Blitzkrieg tonight so we have some snacks for tomorrow!"

"That's fine by me, just so long as I'm not the receiver this time. My asshole is still sore and I'm still burping up a taste of semen and cheese. "
" Naw, I'm going to receive this time, I'm feeling pretty sad.... Since I live in Wisconsin."
"Ya, I hear you Man. Wisconsin blows. "
by WORSTCOMEDY March 28, 2015
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