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A middle school with a bunch of terrible (and a couple of good) people. Where to start? The goddamned place has a bunch of bloodthirsty teachers, most of which are completely unaware that each student has five other classes. It also has a couple of nice teachers, so there's that. The district made it an "all-IB school" except they didn't change a single damn thing. They kept every single passport and held-back kid and decided to be more "inclusive". By lowering the bar. Yeah. So all the true IB students get to work three times as hard for the same f***ing qualifications. The cafeteria food isn't bad, not gonna lie, but by god is the school grimy. For an institution (if you can even call it that) that just got 9 million f***ing dollars to build new crap, the goddamn place is covered in old milk and trash. The school is full of SJW's and people so closed-minded and stupid that they can only be described as "wealthy Cro-Magnon". Any conservative student here has a limited time until they get accused of something, so you better keep your mouth shut. If Donald Trump ever came within 100 feet of the campus, he would be lynched within a span of 1-2 minutes. People hate him here. Anyways, the school is full of trashy people and some slightly-less-trashy people
by You are have mom gay January 04, 2018
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