adj. excellent, high quality; of or relating to BROTRR, Rigism or Stellar Stone
Dude, that was BEYOND WINNER!
Thanks. Yours is WINNER too.

Long live SoApBoX for his WINNER dedication to RIGISM!
by Rigist May 06, 2006
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An extremely useful phrase in the petty world of masculine point-scoring in which many of us dwell.

It is used immediately after some form of victory has been attained. The scale of this victory is irrelevant. The phrase simply serves to rub salt in to the wound. It is used in all variety of situations and always to great comic effect.
by morgangills February 23, 2005
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Retard AKA Wintard. Derived from a Special needs department called W.I.N which stands for Warriner Inclusion Network in "The Warriner school" Bloxham, Oxfordshire, England.
Bobby:Oi come on Xbox!

Lawrence:No im doing homework!

by Danielle Hayward October 30, 2011
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The annoying little ads that flash at you and wont go AWAY!!

(also they are lies... lies I tell you)
If this banner is flashing, you're a WINNER! click here to claim you prize
by NIK January 19, 2004
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A winner is a person and/or persons that dress, look, act or are otherwise extremely trashy.
These people generally have mullets, poorly died hair or other distasteful hair cuts.
Their dress code is generally short shorts, fluorecent colours, clothes that bare more skin than the person should show and can often be found smoking.
"Hey Ziyi look over there, she's a big winner"
"There's no denying that she's a winner look at her hair cut it just screams winner"
by YourDemigod September 24, 2007
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