An excuse to drink too much wine on a Wednesday and Instagram it without feeling like an alcoholic
"Hey what are you doing tonight?"

"Ummm Wine Wednesday with my betches of course!!!!" #classy#girlsnightout
by Mikeyninja March 19, 2014
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More commonly referred to as “BWW”, Bum Wine Wednesday is a weekly tradition that originated at Willamette University in Salem, Oregon. BWW essentially involves buying and consuming a range of "Bum Wines,” such as M/D 20 20, Wild Irish Rose or Thunderbird. Participants in BWW are encouraged (by tradition), after buying their Bum Wine for the night, to give their change to a homeless person before returning to campus or an off-campus location. The tradition is now practiced on college campuses across America, particularly in locations with particularly high homeless populations.
Tonight, we shall drink from the bottom of the bottle, for it is Bum Wine Wednesday, and we must tilt to the howl of these American streets.

"Happy Bum Wine Wednesday!" Exclaimed Jenny as she withdrew a silver coin from within the homeless child's sooten ear, placing it in his outstretched palm a-tremble.
by Milstein January 29, 2006
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A weekly holiday, held on Wednesday, where participants convene at someones home and drink wine, smoke weed and surround themselves with good conversation. Guests are encouraged to bring a bottle of wine to share. Founded in San Francisco circa 2009.
"Hey are you going to Wine Weed Wednesday tonight?" - A

"It's Tuesday." - B

"Shit." - A
by SF Don August 18, 2009
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