looking/staring at someone you want so so bad but you know you can't have/get for some reason.
guy1: *watches Jessica Alba walking by*
guy2: man stop 'window shopping' you know you can't have her!
by cr1sc0@KTOWNLACA January 09, 2011
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To check out someone without actually going up and talking to them.
The mall is a great place to window shop; in more then one way.
by Tabitha June 26, 2004
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When you use your sniper to head shot a player through a window in call of duty team death match.
Bam! lilman0098937394bpistol you just got window shopped.
by zebrabutzzz June 19, 2010
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1. Looking through the window at items in a store that you do not intend to buy but enjoy looking at, or browsing in the store for a similar reason, usually to the annoyance of the owner.

2. Browsing Ebay, Amazon, or a similar website (with webpages or "windows") for interesting items that you also do not intend to buy. The internet's window shopping.
1. Let's go window shopping, maybe we can check out the new expensive jewelry store.
2. Please tell me you're not planning to buy that 10K antique dresser on Ebay.
No, just window shopping.
by momog August 09, 2009
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A person looking at any reflective surface and they are checking their own reflection, not actually looking at merchandise.
She was a narcissist; she'd be window shopping the whole length of the block, checking her hair as often as she blinked.
by CMNF September 13, 2011
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Creating an account on a shopping website solely to add items to your wish list, with no intention of actually buying anything.
Person 1: Did you make an account on forever21.com?
Person 2: Nah. I'd only use it for Windows shopping anyway.
by SummonDinosaur July 13, 2011
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