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When (mainly males) (unless you be a tranny) are totally naked and do circle movements with their hips so that they get their genitalia swinging round and round in almost-perfect circles. This action is usually done in front of a mirror: it can be very entertaining for guys ya know.
Guy1: Dude, you know that film 'Bruno'?
Guy2: like, who doesn't?
Guy1: yeah, i love the part where he flops his cock out and starts willy wanging.
Guy2: are you bent?
by Adi Redfern December 12, 2009
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The act of males trying to show they are better than others, by metaphorically getting their cocks out and seeing who has the biggest by "wanging" it out on the table. Bit like peacocks showing their feathers. Usually hyphenated as willy-wanging.
"Down the pub the other night the willy wanging that was going on over who had scored the most birds in their life was hilarious. All virgins I tell ya."
by atari001 May 16, 2016
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