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One of the five high schools in the Town of Amherst, a suburb of Buffalo, basically a lot of middle class in most areas. Williamsville South was the first of the "Williamsvilles". Later North and East were formed because mass amount of developments were built. South has the least amount of students (<1,000) of the three schools, mainly because the school gets shafted for everything. There is a definite amount of pot heads at the school and a fair amount of drinkers. South used to be known as the preppy school but now as society has changed, there are a bunch of wiggers, emos and some wanna be hippies. Sports (the billies) aren't top notch mainly because the small population of the school. Most of the school is pretty lazy and they rather go to Farber Lane and smoke a cig. Most alumni agree that the school is going down the shitter. Administration is insane on its rules mainly because the principal is from Texas. Yee haw. There aren't huge house parites mainly because of parents never leave unlike rich families. Football either 0-8 or 1-7 past decade but kids go just to get drunk and have fun. Its very rare that you actually see the touchdown, because its like a party on the bleachers.
by spooninspoonout September 23, 2007
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