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The lead singer for the amazing band The Academy Is...
His name is basically another word for "sex".
Probably one of the nicest men in the world.
Amazing voice, extremely talented, one of the best performers ever.

He wears tight, girly pants && a bandana around his left knee.
He's way cooler than you.
Me: I went to go see The Academy Is... last night.

Person: Yeah? Did you have fun?

Me: Totally. I got to meet the lead singer, William Beckett. He was /so/ nice and let me kiss him on the cheek.

Person: Aww, he sounds like a doll.

Me: Oh, he is...
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Music so good it could elicit sexual arousal.
The new We Came As Romans albums is chock full of bonerjams.
by lpvitus October 28, 2009
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Lead singer for Chicago band, The Academy Is...
Best voice on the planet.
One of the founding members of TAI, along with Mike Carden.
Is friends with Pete Wentz, the bassist from Fall Out Boy.
Pete Wentz also signed TAI to his record label, Decaydance, which is a Fueled By Ramen imprint.
TAI Fan #1; Wow look at William Beckett! He's gorgeous!
TAI Fan #2; I know! He sings like an angel! <3
by AmieBeckett June 13, 2007
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William Beckett is a walking definition of "sex". He should be a model. He is the lead singer of The Academy Is... and enjoys appearing homosexual when around Gabe Saporta

Fangirls everwhere died last year, when it was rumored that he had a baby, Geniveve Dylan (also known as Wikipedia Nonsense)with longtime girlfriend, or maybe wife, Christine Bandy. While Beckett will neither confirm or deny this rumor he once made an interesting tweet that sent girls crazy on fbr_trash.
"Bless with GDB"

Beckett is very skinny, and some question whether or not he has a penis. He used to wear flare jeans and a bandana around his leg but he doesnt do that anymore so FANGIRLS NEED TO STOP TRYING.
Did you hear about William Beckett's baby?

Oh no! That is wikipedia nonsense
by DemiLov March 17, 2009
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A person of such good looks the first time I saw a The Academy Is... video,I walked into a wall,triped over a chair,screamed,spontaneous combusted,fainted,had a heart attack,killed my pet rock and bit my tongue.
At the same time.
Also,the only man who can rival Davey Havok on terms of "male person preetier than you".
Look at his hair for fucks sake!
Look at his BUTT...
EmoBoy:"WOAH,that chick in The Academy hot!Hell yeah I'd fuck her"
EmoBoy2:"You dumbass,that's William Beckett,he's a DUDE,and...why are you looking at me like that...get away from me...AHHHHH!!!"
by bandanasrerad September 04, 2006
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lead singer of The Academy Is....
freaking hottest man ever.
his legs are AMAZINGGGGG.
i just want to get it on with him.
his legs are the best part of his body.
next is his voice <3
but he is just the most sexually attractive man i have ever seen in my life.
i want to screw william beckett.
amy: omg, william beckett is looking at you!!
me: he's not just looking at me, we're having eye sex. and with those legs, it's the best freaking eye sex i've ever had.
by brittanyyy18 December 02, 2007
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