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a super super nice guy who you are lucky to know. is kinda boring sometimes but thats just because he doesnt know what to say. if he has feelings for you he probably wont make the first move, so if you like him, tell him!!! he is super good with kids and pets: great family man ;) has broken girls harts before but doesnt realize it. over all hes a super great guy who is awesome and while sometimes he sends mixed signals, hes really smart and caring. if he loves you you are the luckiest girl in the world <3
girl: im in love with will spain but idk what to say, hes just such a great guy i dont wanna ruin our friendship if he doesnt feel the same
girls friend: just tell him! you know he wont make the first move . itll be ok dont worry :)
by maybe im lying who knows November 13, 2016
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