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1) a leafy substance smoked in Africa as a weed substitute

2) Lion's Tail; Lion's Ear
Dude I'm outta buds, let's toke on some of that wild dagga shit, yo!
by raSman July 13, 2004
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Leonotis leonurus, AKA Lion's Tail, Wild Dagga, is an African herb used for years as a mild drug. The effects of Wild Dagga, when smoked, are often compared to the effects of mids, or medium quality weed. Most users report mild sedation, slight euphoria, relaxation, focus, and rarely, creativity boosts. Though any part of the plant could be used, the most effective part is the flower of the plant. Methods of ingestion include smoking, making a tea, making a paste out of the plant, and cooking it into dishes. Unlike weed, very few people report paranoia during, or after, smoking Wild Dagga. Also unlike weed, Wild Dagga is completely legal to purchase or ship to any of the 50 United States, and will most likely stay that way, seeing as it is a fairly useful tea ingredient, and a rather attractive flower for gardens. The only negative effects are : RARELY occuring nausea, and some may consider slight drowsiness negative.
Ex. 1 : Hey man, I see you have some Leonotis leonurus in your garden!

Ex. 2 : You mean Wild Dagga?

Ex. 3 : Yeah, my friends call it Lion's Tail.
by DiphenTripper July 03, 2011
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