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Attack of diarrhoea, in which there is catastrophic loss of sphincter control in the victim. Certain to result in a very unpleasant scenario, with shit running down the legs of the victim's kecks.
Jeeeeesus, those oysters I ate last night gave me the wild shites. I thought I would surely shit my entire gastrointestinal tract, tonsils to rectum, out through my sphincter.
Best I avoid raw seafood in future.
by Jobsagoodun September 08, 2006
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Uncomfortable,extreme and erratic bowel movements normally self inflicted through over indulgence in alcohol, a bad pint or spicy foods or a mixture of all of these.
I had too much to drink last night and a vindaloo, had a wild shite this morning
by Eck the bear February 20, 2018
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The act of taking a stinging sloppy shit the morning or afternoon after a night out on the guiness or a very spicy meal/pizza. Worst case scenario involves breathlessness and possible vomiting during shitting.
Was out on the ale last night mate, fucking had the wild shites all morning.
by Yosser Hughes July 31, 2017
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