A weekend devoted exclusively towards playing a Nintendo Wii.
Hey I just ordered a Wii on Amazon.com, it arrives Friday so I'm going to have one sweet Wii-kend! :D
by Wonka Bottle Caps December 1, 2006
A completely made up word which is a part of viral marketing to increase the exposure of the Nintento Wii console.
Marketer1: how do we spread the word about the wii better?
Marketer2: I know, there's this site which lists new and cutting edge words, we'll post a made up word which pertains to the wii there, let's use the word.. Wii-kend!
Marketer1: yay, you're the man Marketer2
Marketer2: of course! now, excuse me while I go and take a wii wii :D
*both marketers laugh and then post the silly word*
by John Marwin's Ghost January 7, 2007
The weekend for geeks and gamers, action packed with video games and masturbation.
"I can't wait for the wii-kend, I'm gonna play video games and masturbate to anime till it hurts!"
by Larry Sellers December 9, 2006
1. A weekend dedicated to continuous gaming on the Nintendo Wii.

2. The first weekend following the release of the Nintendo Wii.

3. An anonymous gathering of gay Catholics that usually lasts for two days.
I thought Reverend Joseph meant he was going to play Wii over his planned "wii-kend", but it turns out he was going to pound Reverend David.
by Jerry R. Sun December 31, 2007
When you play the nintendo "wii" console all weekend all without a break.
Boy, I'm so tired because I've wii-kend this weekend.
by Mykiemyk December 8, 2006
The diminished condition of one's extremities after a particularly long wii session. Often accompanied by serious pain and lack of mobility.
Awwww mom! I'm wii-kend... I can't wash the dishes.
by Mendelgamer January 4, 2007
the weekend of November 19, 2006, the Nintendo Wii console's launch date
I can't wait until the wii-kend comes, it's gonna rock!
by Wayne Ecca 2 November 5, 2006